Sunday, July 4, 2010

This Is My Other Sunshine

This is my puppy Alexx. And this is his story.
We had lost our dog Sarah to a tumor in her belly a few years before we got Alexx. We had decided that we wanted a German Shepherd that we could rescue. My mom didn't like to buy pure bred dogs. So the first thing we did was go online to a German Shepherd Rescue sight and looked at all the dogs there. We found a few perfect dogs that we wanted. But we didn't act quick enough. We found this SUPER pretty female dog named Kayla. Haha i thought it was funny that we had found a super good dog with the same name as me. I read about her and i quickly wanted her and only her. But because of our strategy of waiting to long, Kayla was adopted. I was pretty bummed.
So after looking through the Internet and not having any luck in actually getting a dog, we decided to go to our local animal shelter. When we got there, there were puppies from Topaz lake that were rescued. There was 2 left. Bumper and Skye. We were going to get both of them, but we realized very quickly that having 2 puppies would be way to much. When we went and socialized with them, Bumper was the one that stuck out the most. He was friendly, and beautiful and full of energy. He was the one we brought home and named Alexxander The Great.

Ever since we brought Alexx home, he has been the best dog i could ever hope for. Every time i see him i want to laugh because he is just so cute! He is protective of his family and he doesn't really like men. We call him the womanizer because every girl he meets, falls in love with him and he does NOT like men. He gets used to people though. He got used to my step dad, after about 6 months of barking and growling at him when he cam to bed. Ha. He is really sweet but can be mean when he has to. His story of where he came from has to do with a lot of his actions. When the humane society rescued him, he was with 17 other dogs and they were not fixed. They were running around free on 10 acres i think. It was a lot of land. The man that owned this land didn't really take amazing care of these dogs. some of these dogs are lucky to be alive. It was a very bad situation. But now, all of those dogs are in a good home and hopefully happy. I know Alexx is. We couldn't be happier with him and how far he has come as our dog. He is a one year old German Shepherd, Border Collie mix.
And i would just like to add that pure bred dogs are not the only dogs out there that are good dogs. The dogs that are at your local animal shelter have had some sort of a bad life and all they want is a loving person to come and take them home and take care of them and love them for the rest of their life.
Wouldn't you want that?


  1. I love the way he tilts his head. I am glad that adopted adopted from a shelter.

  2. i know i love that too! yeah im glad to. its better that way.