Friday, August 13, 2010

My Baby Boy

This is my new horse Redd. He is a 21 year old gelding. I couldn't take not having a horse anymore so my mom mentioned that someone that she worked with had a horse that was free to a good home. I was a little scared to get a horse as old as him. But when we went to look at him on the 11th, I wanted him. Really bad. So yesterday my mom called the lady that had him and told her that we would take him. I was SUPER excited. He needs somebody to ride him and take really good care of him. He has no health issues at all. Which is great. The picture that is above kinda shows his ribs, but that is just the angle he is walking. He is super sweet and lovable. I will add more pictures of him later on and you should tell me if he has changed in any way. This is what I tell people, "He is like an old car and I am going to fix him up!" Tell me whatcha think of My Baby Boy.


  1. i think he is beautiful. I am glad that you have a horse again. Give him lots of love and I bet he will really respond to that. I like his name.Keep posting pictures of him.

  2. haha thank you!
    i will
    i love him to death!!!